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You and your pup are in good hands with Canine Tutors and our master dog trainers in the Bay Area. We help you correct some of the bad habits and behavioral issues your furry four-legged family member has been having. This includes the following:

We believe dog obedience is something that can be worked on and improved upon at all ages, no matter the size and breed of your dog. If you bring home a puppy, training should start the moment you bring him or her home. If you adopted a mature dog, that’s ok because training is effective at any age and is vital for both you and your dog to strengthen your bond and is essential to living a happy and less stressful life with them.

Many of the tools and methods you learn in training classes are for you, the owner. The two biggest keys you need to remember as an owner is consistency and patience. We want to teach you how to stop sending mixed signals to your dog, which will help them to be more well-behaved. The goal is to have them hang on to your every command.

Dog Training

Master dog trainer, Ashley Starling, offers private, in-home training sessions throughout the Bay Area that work around your busy schedule. It’s designed to help you get the fastest results possible all while maintaining a happy, tail-wagging dog. If you’re new to puppy or dog training, we recommend starting with four sessions as closely together as possible and then schedule any other follow-up sessions as needed.

To help you and your dog get into a positive learning mindset, we can come straight to your home or favorite quiet park. By meeting you in your natural environment, it plays a big role in how effective the learning is because you will both be relaxed and less resistant to changing bad habits. We also train your dog how to adapt to training in social environments where their natural inclination is to play. It is recommended to hold off on meeting at the dog park or introducing your pup to a group session until after the first couple of meetings.

Taking your dog to a group training session may sound a bit daunting, but once you get there, you will both see all the benefits that are in store for you. This type of “distracting environment” pushes your dog to learn how to listen for your voice and for you to have the right tone of voice in noisy situations.

Canine Tutors will be present with you every step of the way to help you and your dog overcome the distractions in a semi-controlled environment. The whole point of group obedience class is to teach your dog how to pay attention no matter what distractions they may be facing. It also gives you and your dog an opportunity to be social with other dogs and people.

If you are concerned about a mix of breeds and ages present in a group obedience class setting, talk to Ashley. He can recommend a group that would be most comfortable for your dog to join or which Bay Area dog training group would be best for your needs.


After completing any of our private training classes, you will be able to take your dog to the beach, the park, hiking, and have peace of mind that they will obediently and happily return every single time you call. If you ever find yourself needing extra help, you can go to any of our group dog training classes completely free.

We guarantee you a better dog, or it’s free! Contact Canine Tutors today to schedule your time with our master dog trainer at your Bay Area home or quiet neighborhood park!