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Canine Tutors can help dogs of all ages correct bad behaviors or fine tune their skills. Pet owners can provide their pups with lifelong skills through training sessions with expert trainers throughout San Francisco. Since 2007, Ashley Starling has been training dogs and working with owners to develop stronger bonds and more trusting relationships. We offer private lessons as well as a network of resources to keep your pet’s newly learned skills sharp.

Whether you have a puppy that needs potty training or an older dog who has learned bad habits, Ashley and the rest of the Canine Tutors can help. We combine tried and true training techniques with modern technology to achieve real results. Our team eases your dog into a calm state of mind that will help them correct common obedience issues:

  • Jumping while greeting
  • Excessive barking
  • Lunging on the leash
  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Puppy chewing
  • Destructive coping mechanisms
  • Aggressive or overly protective behavior

Beginning Dog Training
in the Southern San
Francisco Peninsula

Convenient Dog Training Classes

Our dog training courses are easy to fit into your busy schedule. Our dog behaviorist can come to your San Francisco-area home or meet you at a local park to encounter real life scenarios. Both are great environments for obedience training because they are familiar, comfortable settings that encourage your dog to trust and rely on your commands.

Depending on the breed, age or training level we may recommend home classes to start. After the basics are established, we can move classes to your favorite park. Visiting these public spaces puts your dog in real life scenarios that will help solidify your pup’s training. Distractions like other pets and unfamiliar people will test your dog’s focus and bring their skills to the next level.

For pet owners with busy schedules, Canine Tutors also offers online dog training courses! You can easily access our affordable library of training videos anytime, anywhere. We also offer video conferencing with our trainers to receive real-time feedback and support. We can help motivate you and your pup with new videos and innovative techniques.

Canine Tutors Premier Program

Sign your dog up for our premium puppy and dog training classes to join a community of other pet owners and become members for life! Join many others in the northern Santa Clara County area who have already discovered the extended secrets to have a well-behaved dog. This program unlocks exclusive digital training and online refresher courses, so you can catch up on-the-go. You also receive more private training sessions or group obedience classes with Hamza or Ashley.

Helpful Resources

We have tons of resources to help you make the most of each session. Canine Tutors offers dog obedience groups throughout San Francisco. Meet other pet owners who are just as dedicated to dog training as you are. Our team will be present the entire time to work on commands in a semi-controlled environment. You can also benefit from our digital library of pet training tools in our curriculum. You can easily refresh the methods when needed.

Dogs are intelligent and adapt well to learning all sorts of commands, no matter their age. Join us for puppy school or obedience training to put an end to bad behaviors. We teach you how to gain authority without raising your voice, give your dog the right praise and use the right types of positive reinforcement. Schedule your first session with our dog trainers in San Francisco today!

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