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Dog trainer Hamza Mohammad can help you as a pet owner to combat your dog’s bad habits and behaviors. Canine Tutors offers extensive puppy and dog training programs in the Southern San Francisco Peninsula area, including the cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Los Altos. We can help your pet correct many issues, including:

  • Jumping while greeting
  • Excessive barking
  • Lunging on the leash
  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Puppy chewing
  • Destructive coping mechanisms
  • Aggressive or overly protective behavior
Santa Clara Dog Behaviorist Hazma Mohammad for Canine Tutors

Beginning Dog Training
in the Southern San
Francisco Peninsula

When you’re ready to get started, we come to you and your pet either at your home. Both are great environments for obedience training because it teaches your dog to trust and rely on your commands. Depending on the breed, age, or disposition, we may recommend home classes to start. After the basics are established, you can move the work outdoors. We recommend going to a park you frequent or quiet location, so it’s a familiar environment. It is good for you and your dog to practice commands where there are other people and dogs nearby because it simulates real-life situations.

Our dog obedience groups will give you guaranteed results. We use the latest digital technology and pet training tools in our curriculum, so you can easily get real-life results and refresh the methods when needed.

Dogs are intelligent and adapt well to learning all sorts of commands. We have found that obedience training is effective at all ages from puppies to adult and senior dogs. All they need from you is consistency and patience. Canine Tutors will help you learn the proper techniques for effective training. We teach you how to gain authority with the right tone of voice, give your dog the right praises, and use the right types of positive reinforcements.

Canine Tutors Premier Program

Sign your dog up for our premium puppy and dog training classes to join a community of other pet owners and become members for life! Join many others in the northern Santa Clara County area who have already discovered the extended secrets to have a well-behaved dog. This program unlocks exclusive digital training and online refresher courses, so you can catch up on-the-go. You also receive more private training sessions or group obedience classes with Hamza or Ashley.

Canine Tutors are America’s Dog Trainer – at least in Santa Clara County – for a reason. We are effective because we understand how your dog thinks and reacts. We also use the bond between you and your pup as the most influential training tool. Schedule your free demo class with our experts today!