Teaching Your Dog Leash Pressure

Couple walks yellow Labrador Retriever on a flower-lined street

Teaching Your Dog Leash Pressure

Teaching Your Dog “Leash Pressure”

The best way to teach a dog to walk on the leash is to show by example why the dog wants to stay by your side. You want to encourage your dog to stay next to you, rather than solely relying on discouraging your dog from leaving. I use the 90/10 rule: 90 percent encourage, and 10 percent discourage.  If you watch the video shown here, you will see a young Labrador learning how to walk on a leash.

How to replicate this type of leash training at Your San Jose home

  1. We have a wall on one side to keep the dog from moving to the left.
  2. We use our body on the other side of the dog to keep it from moving to the right. If the dog gets confused and tries to back out, we can use our left leg to block the dog.
  3. We have our food to encourage the dog to keep moving forward and stay next to us.
  4. We also use a plastic pinch collar with the leash.

Let me take a moment to explain the pinch collar. Dogs have a natural tendency to go in the opposite direction of leash pressure. That’s one of many reasons they pull on the leash. What we are doing in this puppy training video is showing the Labrador puppy to GO WITH the pressure. We do this by creating an environment where the dog is almost assured to do the exercise correctly.

We apply very soft pressure with the collar all the while encouraging the dog to move forward with us and get the food reward and relieve the slight pressure immediately. The amount of pressure used is about the same amount it might take to tie your shoes.  Think of it as grabbing your dog by the hand and saying, “Here. Let me show you.” As you progress you can do the same with showing your dog or puppy how to move laterally and how to go in reverse.

Having a dog that walks nicely on a leash is a pleasure. It means taking your dog more places and doing more things, thus increasing your time together adding more availability to train your dog. If you are looking for puppy classes in San Jose or group dog training in San Jose, give us a call or schedule your time slot online. You have nothing to lose!