girl holding happy dog making silly face

Dog Training Q&A

Dog Training Q&A Questions & Answers What Is A “Free Demo?” At Canine Tutors Dog Training we know that “Talk is Cheap” and seeing is believing so we arrange a time for one of our dog trainers to come right out to your house and show you our Demo...

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Tan and white Chihuahua sleeps in open crate with blankets

House and Crate Training

House and Crate Training Dogs Canine Tutors in San Jose, CA is on a mission to help teach you how to to completely housetrain your dog and stop it from urinating and defecating in your house right this second, once and for all. Keep in mind there is no...

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Fluffy Pomeranian sits on pitter pad with urine stain next to it

Potty Training

How to Potty Train Your Dog or Puppy Effective tips for potty training newly adopted dogs or puppies House training or potty training your new dog or puppy can be stressful if you aren’t sure how to begin. Three things that will help you through the phases of potty...

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