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You love your canine family member, but that doesn’t mean you have to love their bad habits. From jumping to excessive barking, you can help your pet overcome these common issues with training classes from Canine Tutors.

Combat these bad behaviors with the puppy and dog training programs available from America’s Dog Trainer, Ashley Starling. Ashley is a US Navy Veteran living in San Jose and currently serves his community as a highly-referred dog trainer. He knows how to command respect during lessons while still loving on your furry four-legged companion.

In his dog training classes throughout San Jose, he provides guaranteed results, even in the most distracting settings, including parks or other busy environment. His industry leading training techniques give you an opportunity to better understand your dog. With the incorporation of today’s latest electronic technologies as part of the curriculum, you can pull them up on any device to refresh the training methods as needed.

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Real-Life Results for Common Dog Behavioral Issues

From puppy training to dealing with aggressive behaviors, Ashley has seen it all. These experiences helped him to figure out effective ways to help you get real-life results. Contact us for a free consultation evaluation if you need help with any of the following problems:

puppy issues

Puppy Issues

chewing and other coping mechanisms

Chewing and Other Coping Mechanisms

potty training

Potty Training

walking/leash hassles

Walking/Leash Hassles

jumping and lunging

Jumping and Lunging

aggressive behaviors

Aggressive Behaviors

Behavior correction and commanding respect from your dog should start the moment you bring them home, no matter their age. Canines are intelligent and adapt well to all sorts of environments, which means obedience training is still effective at all ages. The keys are consistency and patience. Much of what is learned in dog training is more for you, the owner.

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Benefits of Signing up with Canine Tutors

When you and your dog sign up for our premier dog training classes, you both join a community of other dogs and pet owners, becoming members for the life! This community gives you access to digital training and refresher courses, private training sessions, and group obedience classes.

See why dog owners throughout San Jose and the Bay Area are calling Ashley, America’s Dog Trainer. Schedule your free demo class for you and your dog today!