Watch My Labrador Fetch Her Breakfast Bowl, Sunnyvale, CA.

Watch My Labrador Fetch Her Breakfast Bowl, Sunnyvale,CA

Fetch is a great trick to teach your dog, it’s fun and it can be practical as well. Like in this dog training video where I ask my labrador retriever to fetch her dog bowl because I am too lazy to walk down the 4 steps of my school bus to go get her food bowl. Luckily when it comes to food my dog can be a little bit more ambitious than me.

If you are a pet dog owner like most of my clients at some point training behaviors like “sit” and “down” can get a bit boring. These dogs don’t have to be as precise as if they were competition dogs. So to keep the motivation going try training dog tricks. One of the most complicated is the “fetch” or the “motivated retrieve” This is where you tell your dog where to go, once there it picks a specific pre-determined object and puts it into it’s mouth, the completes the rest of the task with the object still in it’s mouth, then releases it on command.

teach your dog to fetch

Sadie doing tricks for the audience







I would suggest trying to teach your dog lot’s of tricks. They can usually be accomplished in large or small spaces, indoor or out. This is perfect if it rains where you are. A great place to learn the steps or to get ideas is of course youtube. I learned a ton of stuff there.

Here are some basic starter tricks

  • Roll over
  • Spin
  • Speak
  • Shake/ High Five

That should get you started. Good luck and keep it fun!

If you have questions regarding your dog feel free to call me and ask. 408-455-1503


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