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Pitbull Puppy Doing Advanced Dog Training In San Jose

In this dog training video you are watching me do a “Come, Sit and Place” drill with a 20 week old puppy. It is designed to take your dog through multiple movements quickly and from a distance. As time goes on we will add more movements to the drill as well as more distance between the boxes and more distance between us and the dog. Eventually we will get rid of the boxes and we will have a dog that will sit in motion, down in motion and do directional work from a distance. This is a normal dog, not of any high drive. This just shows you what can be done with positive dog training, positive reinforcement dog training and puppy training. I hope you enjoy our dog training videos.


Little Dogs Off Leash And Under Control! Yes Even Yours!

Meet our little friend Buster. When we first met he in need of some dog behavior modification. He was highly distracted by other dogs which makes sense because except for a cat the most distracting thing to a dog, is another dog. That’s why you will see my dog running around in this dog training video. We will train your dog to wait for permission before it can roam around and have fun sniffing.

Chasing your dog is no fun!

dog training san jose

puppy training in san jose

We trained Buster to heel, which is having a dog walk by your side while not pulling on the leash. Once the owner gives permission Buster can have fun and explore. If the owner feels the environment is getting a little too out of control he can make that decision and not allow his dog to socialize at this time and call his dog and know that he will come when called every time. Our bay area dog trainers can train any dog no matter what size, breed or type.

How To Keep Your Dog Sitting As You Walk Around

In the above dog training video you will see dog psychologist and bay area dog trainer Ashley Starling teach his client how to keep her dog sitting in one spot as she starts to walk around. What we are doing really is desensitizing the dog to our body movements and rather to listen to what we say. By keeping the dog on the box we can show the dog how to be successful rather than trying to tell it. This works well for dog training tricks too.

Canine Tutors Dog Training offers dog training, private puppy training, behavior modification, aggressive dog rehabilitation as well as agility training.

Our private dog training in San Jose is designed to get your dog to stop the annoying behavior like jumping up on people, pulling on the leash and dashing out the door. Dog obedience and puppy training is the best way to make a happy dog-owning family. Dog obedience is best when started young.

In the above short dog training tips video we are working on three commands at once. Sit, Down and Stand.  Through dog training you will learn to become your dog’s pack leader with out any heavy handed methods. Dog behaviorist Ashley Starling will give you and your puppy the skills and know how to accomplish your dog training goals, dog agility goals for puppy training or dog behavior modification.

Dog training tips for you! In the dog training video, puppy training in San Jose video above you can see I am working with a pitbull puppy. We are working on a “loose leash walk” other wise known as “heel”. It can be one of the trickiest things to accomplish in dog training. The best way to teach a dog the heel is to go one step at a time, sitting your dog after every one step. By sitting your dog after every step you reduce the possibility of a mistake. The other really important item is to keep the head up. Don’t bother your dog with telling it not to look at the entire world, rather just focus on look at me. You tell your dog with food and verbal praise that when you look at me good things happen. Dog training is measured in inches and seconds, not minutes and feet.


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