Training My Client To Train Her Dog

In the short dog training video above you can see we are using what many may believe to be an “old fashioned” method of dog training. Where we use “pressure” to get the dog to comply.

Here’s why this is a good idea and how you can do it too!

When starting use slow gentle pressure. Give the command once in a neutral tone. We never rough talk the dog. Position the collar high up on the dog’s neck. We want to control the head, not the shoulders. When you start to deliver the downward pressure keep a watchful eye out for when your dog starts to go with the pressure. The instant this happens release and give the food and lots of praise. Food first though. Have the food in your hand ready to go. If you have to go and dig for it out of your pocket your too slow. Hide your food hand behind your back so you’re not playing with your dog’s emotions.

Each time you do this ask for a little more success. At first your dog may just drop a shoulder just a bit. Release the pressure and reward. The next time you may see it put a paw forward as if to start to lay down. Release the pressure and deliver the food. So on and so on.

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