Training A Small Dog To Come When Called

Training A Small Dog To Come When Called

Dog training and small dog training techniques have come a long way in the last 20 years. When I first started out as a San Jose dog trainer it was a pretty good gig but I was always troubled about the fact that not all my clients dogs would come when called. I would even see my fellow trainers with police dogs that would occasionally blow off the handler.

Well thanks to people like Ivan Balabanov, Bart Bellon, Michael Ellis and Petra Ford just to name a few they have shown us that modern dog training techniques combined with responsible use of electronic training devices such as remote dog training collars, electronic ball poppers and proper marker training can have a profound positive effect on even the smallest dog no matter what breed.

In the dog training video above you can see I am working with my client and her Yorkshire Terrier. Today’s lesson is all about the recall, or coming when called. My client has told me that she has frequently had to run after her dog as it made it way to busy intersections, over the top of hills to run out of site and just recently bolted out of the car to run through a home depot parking lot. I promise you this, if she does not take the time to adopt “dog training” into her life, not just the paid sessions her dog’s days are numbered.

Look for yourself and see how easy it is to accomplish a once difficult task. Look at where we are. We are training a dog in San Jose by a lake with ducks and geese as distractions. This is day 2 of recall work. This dog is doing fantastic! Who at 70 years of age wants to run after their dog? Nobody, that’s who. This dog is happy, obedient and free. That’s why I train dogs. – See more at:

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