Trained Protection Dogs For Sale

Trained Protection Dogs For Sale

FOR SALE, 1 Year Old Belgian Malinois Shepherd Dog

This dog is owned and trained by Darrel Hager. For questions on this dog please go here


When you watch the above video of this Belgian Malinois please take special notice of how much fun the dog is having. You can see it’s enthusiasm for the retrieve. A strong inner drive for the retrieve is like money in the bank. You can tell a dog that has a high ball/ fetch drive when it has it’s “prey” item in it’s mouth it keeps re-gripping it because it cannot satiate it’s desire to bite and hold the item.  Another thing I like about this protection dog is the way he jumps in the air to fetch the bumper. He doesn’t wait for it to hit the ground, he goes up to meet it. Aggressive not passive.

Anybody can force a dog to do most anything however you will see it in it’s disposition. The dog will look robotic. Not this fully trained executive protection dog. This boy loves to work and it shows.

If you are looking for an executive protection dog take a look at Mojo. Mojo is fast and flashy. He has a great personality and an even temperament  and will keep you at the center of his universe. He gets along well with kids and other animals. If you live near the water, watch out because he will want to go swimming!

Here is the growing list of commands:

  •  Come
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Out
  • Bite
  • Fetch
  • Speak
  • Quiet
  • Place
  • Back
  • Over
  • Off
  • Roll Over
  • Break/ Release


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