Dog Training Tips For Your Lifestyle

This article was designed to give you some dog training tips.

People often ask me what is the most difficult dog to train. It is the dog that was put in the wrong job. Just like people dogs have certain attributes that make them perfect for some jobs and well, not so perfect for other jobs. As the saying goes, “Don’t put a square peg in a round hole.” Get the right dog for the right job, or lifestyle.

dog training tips

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For some people the sole reason the get a dog is so they can throw a ball or a frisbee and watch the joy from the dog as it rushes to catch the ball in mid air and quickly bring it back every time for another throw. (that would be me by the way) Most dogs, however don’t have that level of drive, or desire to chase down the ball and retrieve it to the handler’s hand. The retrieve is a drive that is usually professionally bred into the dog by breeders.


Other people want a dog for protection purposes. For that not just any big scary do will do. Again you need a dog that was professionally bred for that purpose from parents that have excelled in the various protection sports and produced a litter or two with pups that have titled in protection. Getting the family dog is kinda like buying a car. Don’t buy a sports car if you have a huge family.

dog training tips


If you are new to the idea of adding a dog to your family you might want to ask for some advice from a pro. I see a lot of people these days with dogs they have no business owning. Dogs that are way too dominate and high speed. You might want to ask a dog trainer for some dog training tips that does not breed dogs or else he or she may just steer you to their own dogs and that may not be a good fit. Ask several if you need to. You can always ask me!

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