The Best Dog Management Tools Money Can Buy

Crate or Kennel

Weather you have an adult dog or a puppy the dog crate is a great management tool. I don’t advocate keeping your dog confined for extended periods of time, but for those times when things get out of your control the crate or kennel is super handy.

I start my dogs or puppies out learning to love the crate. I play crate games and use it as a training tool. I have had many clients who get an addition to their family from new babies to elderly parents and the crate is that extra set of hands you will need. Are you having company over? A crate make everything smooth! Is it the 4th of July? Too many dogs bolt and never come back due to the loud sounds. Kennel your dog, throw a cover over the crate and put the whole mess in your room and shut the door. Safe dog!

Baby Gates

In addition to the crate, or maybe in exchange for the crate you go for the baby gate. The baby gate is a great management tool as it will prevent your dog from having too much access. Your dog does not need access to the entire house. No, just bits and pieces. I would suggest getting a few baby gates with the gate in the gate. That way you don’t have to step over the gate, just open it and step through then shut it again. If you have multiple dogs in the house, or have a friends dog over you might want to throw a blanket over the gate to cut down visual stimulation and avoid fence fighting in your home.


Exercise Pens

Exercise pens when fully extended are 10’ long and are great for odd shaped or irregular shaped areas that will hold your dog by conforming the pen to the shape of the area. You can string two or more together to make them a fence or a big confinement area either in your house or out of doors. They fold up flat so they are great for travel or stow it under your bed and keep it for emergencies. They are great for homes that have wide door ways because of the length.


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