Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called, San Francisco Dog Training

Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called, San Francisco Dog Training

Getting your dog to come when called is the most important command or dog behavior there is, especially if you are dog training in San Francisco. I literally saw a grown man running down a busy SF street in nothing but his boxers chasing his dog as it was about to launch itself into traffic. Seeing that it was SF, that’s probably not the strangest thing you would see that day.

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Sorry folks, it didn’t look anything like this


Unfortunately just offering your dog a cookie isn’t going to get the job done. You need to condition the dog to respond to you when you call. That takes time and lots of repetitions to be reliable. Not every method is going to fit for every dog, or dog owner. You have to find the one method that is going to work for your dog.

Two basic steps are required.

  1. Condition your dog to ignore everything around it the way they do with seeing eye dogs.
  2. Condition your dog to respond to your voice.

When you watch my dog training videos you will see me use a variety of dog training methods over an extended period of time. As the dog gets better and more mature I will systematically increase my level of distraction. Nothing is left to chance.

The Three D’s Of Dog Training


Start with 1 foot and increase gradually over time.


When asking your dog to stay in any behavior keep in mind the duration of the exercise in relation to the distance and the amount of distraction.


Over time you can gradually, systematically and incrementally increase distraction and duration, distance over time.

If you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area please feel free to call me as I would love to talk with you about your dog training goals. Here is my number, 408-455-1503

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