Teach Your Puppy To Sit And Pay Attention

Teach Your Puppy To Sit And Pay Attention

In this video we are teaching out 14 week old labrador puppy to sit and look at his handler. I want this puppy to look me right in the face. When your dog is looking at you, then it isn’t looking at anything else. And that is perfection. I keep him really close and tight to the box. Since he is a young dog we only have so much time before he starts to poop out so squeeze in as many repetitions as you can.

You can see I am walking around him in a tight circle. That is for controlled distraction. As I walk in a circle I hold my hand with a treat in it right on his nose keep his nose up. Nose up = butt down.

You will see my just stand there and wait for him to look me in the face. When he does I will mark it with the word “Good” then pay the dog. In the beginning he will look at me by accident then after time he will understand looking at my face gets him paid. If you are having trouble getting started you can put a hotdog in your teeth so your dog can plainly see it, then when it looks at your face pay your dog. Another thing you can do is tuck a toy under your chin for the same idea.

Our puppy starts to get a little lost there for a bit so what I suggest is keep moving around the box so that it is between you and the dog at all times. If he wants to get close to me he must get on top of the box.

Thank you for watching and keep it fun and positive!–Ashley

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