How To Teach Your Labrador Puppy Not To Pull On The Leash

If you want a dog that walks nice beside you and doesn’t pull on the leash and has a nice heel, then this is the dog training video for you.

The desire for the dog to stay next to you has to come from inside the dog and cannot be achieved by using harsh corrective measures. In the beginning we give the dog an over whelming compelling reason why staying next to you is better than doing anything else.

As you will notice I take one step infrequently, lure the dog with me, my food loaded hand right on the puppy’s nose, then ask the dog to sit and repeatedly pay the dog with food. Watch how much and how fast I pay the dog. If you do any less the dog or puppy will get distracted or bored. This is a literal one step at a time process. We keep this process up until the dog learns self restraint, until it learns that being next to you is better than anything else that could possibly happen.

When the dog is older and more mature we can start the dog on training collars but i usually start that when the dog is about 10-11 months old and that is a slow gradual process. Dog training takes time and patience. It’s kinda like painting a picture.

As you watch the video notice how I try to keep the dog’s head up. If the dog’s head is up that means the nose is not down sniffing for distractions. Remember to talk to your dog. Tell him or her that she is doing a good job. When that head comes up plop some tasty food in that mouth.

Over time you will be able to take more and more steps as the dog develops trust that you will deliver the food. In the beginning it is a literal one step at a time process.

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