Fetch, How To Teach Your Labrador Puppy To Fetch


Fetch, How To Teach Your Labrador Puppy To Fetch

If your dog would rather play “keep away” than fetch, then this is the video for you. Most dog owners mistakenly teach their dogs that the game ends when they spit out the toy object. When the dog learns this they become reluctant to return the toy to you and may even run when you try to grab it. A better way is you teach the dog that the game begins again when they return the toy and spit it out. In order for them to WANT to spit out the toy they have to have a over whelming and compelling reason to do this or anything else for that matter. Absolutely no force is used. Here is how it’s done.

Fetch, teach your labrador to fetch

Example of a labrador that loves to fetch

As the dog is enjoying itself, running about the training area with it’s prize in it’s mouth, show it you have a second identical toy of the exact same value. Get all excited as you waive it about. At some point the dog is going to want what you have as it looks way more animated. The second your dog spits out the first object toss the second one just far enough so you can grab the first one. Only grab the first one when your dog is committed to getting the second. Never try to trick your dog as this will breed distrust. You are teaching your dog the game begins again when he spits out the first toy.

As time goes by you can shape the dog to bring the toy closer and closer to you. You may notice that your dog will run over to a certain spot in your yard. You can meet him there. As long as he is spitting the toy out in close proximity to you, you are on the right track.



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