Sit, Your Daily Dog Training Tip

Sit, Your Daily Dog Training Tip

Hey guys, 

Just a quick dog training tip for you. When you are teaching your dog or puppy to sit and you are still in the learning phase of training, try elevating your dog. By elevating your dog on a small limited surface area you reduce the amount of distractions that your dog encounters. As you can see in the dog training video the dog cannot get it’s nose to the ground. The ground is where 90 percent of all distractions come from. So now without putting any undue stress on the dog we are more successful. By elevating your dog’s center of gravity it encourages your dog to lower it self into a sitting position.

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In the early stages of training stay close to your dog and keep the training time short. Notice I keep the dog in it’s behavior only for  few seconds and I keep the distraction level low. I also keep my hand on the leash with appropriate control as to give immediate feedback. Lastly I talk very little to the dog but I am clear on what I want. Avoid “verbal vomit”

Please check back often for more dog training tips and dog training videos. My name is Ashley Starling and I am a bay area dog trainer providing San Jose dog training.

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