San Jose Puppy Training A Labrador To Fetch A Ball

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In the above video I am teaching this Labrador Retriever puppy several things at once.

1. Come when called

2. Get on the placeboard and sit

3. When you give me the ball, you get the ball

Come when called, or as we in the San Jose dog training world call it “recall”. This is the most important dog training command on the planet. The lesson is not structured based on a “because I told you so” environment, rather because I am fun and I have fun toys that you want. In earlier dog training videos you can see that I pay the dog with food every time it gets on this box. This box is a positive visual stimulator. This dog loves the box so it comes over, with the ball and gets on top of the box. Notice that every single time the dog returns I position myself so the box is directly in the middle of me and the dog. This process will be repeated 30 times per day, every day for 12-18 months to equal 8-10,000 repetitions. The dog learns that returning to the handler and sitting in front of him gets the dog another chance to chase and fetch the ball.  Get On The Place Board The place board will help you and your dog keep all the steps in the right order. The purpose of this drill is to get the dog to return to you, get on the box, sit in front of you and look at you. When you toss the ball for your dog just toss it a few feet. You don’t need to huck it 40 feet. This is a dog training drill so you need as many repetitions as you can. When your dog gets on the box and sits nice and tight and drops the ball use your verbal marker and toss the ball again.  No matter which direction the dog returns make sure you position yourself so that the box is in between you and the dog or it will miss the box. When you give me the ball, you get the ball Train this drill with 2 training balls. By using 2 you avoid any conflict. When the dog returns to you with the first one you show the dog that you have a second one in your hand. The dog will naturally want the one that you have because it looks way more exciting. Be patient and wait for the dog to drop the first one, when it does use your verbal marker and throw the second one. When the dog runs after the second ball quickly grab the first one and start over again.   – See more at:

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