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Proper fitting pinch collar






A lot of dog owners use pinch collars but not everybody knows the best way to use it. In this dog training article I will give you just a few basic tips on how to get the most from a very useful tool.

First a pinch collar is not a tool to hurt the dog. It is a communication tool to give the dog guidance. The dog is to learn to cooperate with the collar. Proper fitting of the collar will help facilitate this. If when you use the pinch collar the dog is vocalizing, wincing hard or if it looks like it is shutting down then you might be applying too much pressure. If your collar is fitting properly you should be able to apply as little pressure as possible to give guidance without hurting the dog. When applying the collar pressure you want to just flick your wrist, not move your entire arm. As Ed Frawley says, It’s power steering for the dog.

I use small collars on all my dogs no matter the size of the dog and I suggest you use a small collar as well. When putting the collar on the dog it should fit high up on the neck as seen in the picture above. The collar should fit like a belt around your waist and not sagging down at the lower end of the neck. You can add or remove links in the collar depending on the width of your dog’s neck. I have a useful video on my website.

The pinch collar is an active training tool. That means when you are done working your behaviors, or when you are going to put your dog in it’s kennel take the collar off. I take off all collars to avoid any accidents. My favorite pinch collar is a Herm Sprenger. It is never used as a punishment tool. When used to teach your dog the “heel” the clasp should be between you and your dog for best comfort.

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