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Are you thinking of getting your dog obedience trained so you can enjoy all the great trails, parks and beaches the bay area has to offer? Wouldn’t it be fun to hit the great outdoors with a dog off-leash knowing it will return the second you call no matter what the distraction?

Well now you can! Don’t take our word for it get yourself and your dog a FREE demo. We will come right over to your house and show you how well trained our dogs are. After that we will get your dog out and get started on your free private dog training lesson with your dog. The results will be impressive. Here is the best part. The results are easy to obtain and they are easy on the dog. We don’t use punitive or harsh training methods. We want happy tail-wagging puppies!

Our program will cover

  • Beginning Puppy Training
  • Come When Called
  • Sit / Stay
  • Down / Stay
  • Heel, No Leash Pulling
  • No Door Dashing
  • No Jumping Up
  • House And Crate Training
  • Aggression Control

Canine Tutors Dog Training can train ANY dog. We can train big aggressive dogs and small timid dogs. We can help you with any and all aspects of your dogs behavior. We are your dog trainers for the life of your dog. If after you complete your training program with us and somewhere down the road you have a question or develop a problem we are alway here to help you. We see our clients out and about town every day and we make sure it’s always a pleasant experience. We are local, just like you.
You have nothing to lose and only a well trained dog to gain.

Behavior Chains To Teach Multiple Commands At Once


Hello my fellow dog and puppy lovers. It’s great that we get to talk today.

dog behavior san jose

private dog training in san jose

I would like to address a common dog owner mistake.  I am talking about people who tie their dogs to a pole unattended. For the sake of getting to the point I am going to generalize a bit in my explanation.

Here is why this is a bad idea. Whenever you impose restraint on a dog from an external force such as a leash, a garden fence, a living room window or a car window and then introduce a stimulus, any one or all of the dog’s internal drives are stimulated. These drives include, but are not limited to prey drive, fear drive and fight drive. What you have done is trapped the dog. The dog would like to move for a variety of reasons. It might be afraid of a person or another dog and now it cannot run away. Well, the dog thinks, if I cannot run from the scary thing I better act tough to scare it away.  The dog may want to go and investigate something and the limited restraint will only serve to frustrate the dog. That frustration can only come through the mouth of the dog.  You have severely limited it’s options.


I get a lot of people asking me how do I get my dog to stop doing annoying things. It’s not about getting your dog to stop doing anything, it’s about getting your dog to do maybe four or five things that you like that will improve the quality of life for both you and your dog or puppy. For example, people ask how do I get my dog to stop bolting out the front door? Well we can do that, but at the root is a problem in that your dog does not fully understand the “Down” command. If your dog is bombproof on the down you can open any door and your dog will not move. By getting your dog to do a few things really well you will be able to eliminate the hundreds of things that you don’t want your dog to do. Here is what you want. You want a dog that when you take it for a walk, it’s going to stay by your side. When you go to the park or you go to the beach your dog is not going to run off. You want a dog that when allowed to go explore and sniff around it will come when called immediately no matter what. When your dog returns you want it to lay down be still don’t move. Now if you have that I’d say 90 percent of all dog owners would be thrilled with that dog. That is going to make a safe dog and a dog that is a pleasure to have around.

Call Today For Your Free San Jose Dog Obedience Training Lesson! (408)-455-1503


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