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San Jose Dog Training Steps To The Perfect Heel

1. I  San Jose dog trainer steps, keep the dogs head up the entire time.

2. I only take one step at a time, leading with the same leg every time.

3. I sit the dog after every time after just one step.

Why do I do this? Because teaching a dog to “Heel” the right way is a step-by-step process. As a San Jose dog trainer I believe it is better for your dog to be taught the benefits of staying next to your leg rather than the detrements of leaving your leg. Rewards are better than punishments.

1. If your dog’s head is up that means it’s nose is up. If it’s nose is up then it’s not sniffing the ground. Sniffing leads to looking, leads to pulling. Head up! We motivate the dog to keep it’s head up with the use of food, verbal praise and hand gestures. To keep the head up you must have a piece of TASTY food in your hand such as meat, cheese or salami. You can forget about those crappy dog biscuits. Dogs eat meat people. Your hand must be loaded with a piece of food. Your palm must be right on your dogs nose. If your palm is two inches away it might as well be 10 feet away. Palm to nose.

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2. If, at the beginning you take more than one step at a time your dog may get confused, bored and stressed. Lead with the same leg every time. Dogs watch more than they listen. This will be your non-verbal cue. San Jose dog training teaching the “Heel” is the same for a puppy as it is for an adult dog.

3. If you take a thousand steps what are the chances of the dog making a mistake? Pretty good. If you take just one step at a time what are the chances of your dog making a mistake? Pretty slim. One step at a time. That is how we teach  San Jose dog training or anyplace else. Simple. One step at a time. Maybe tomorrow two steps and so on. Keep the head up! Repeat this for 20 or so steps then give you dog a break.

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