San Jose Dog Training An Irish Wolfhound

In the video above you can see Canine Tutors dog training in San Jose is working with a client that has an Irish Wolfhound. It’s a big dog and she was tired of getting pulled around on the leash. She also had issues with the dog not coming when called when off-leash.

In these situations I like to get away from the house. If we work in the backyard or even the front yard I refer to that as fake dog training. You need something that is going to work where ever you may be. San Jose dog training requires a dog that you can take any place so that is why we will go to the park, the trails or even the beach. A dog that will come when called is great, but even better is a dog that won’t leave your side unless you give it the Okay.

Every moment of your dog’s life it is making a decision. “What is better, this or that”? I like to show my dog and my dog training clients that staying with me is better. I do this through the use of food. Good food, like meat, not biscuits. Fast continuous food. The dog is continually making the “what’s better” decision second by second. You have to make staying by your side a happy habit.

As time goes by we give the dog more freedom. We expand our span of control or as I like to put it, our circle of success. We let the dog explore more and have more fun because we know our dog will come when called every time the first time we call.

Canine Tutors does it’s dog training in San Jose and offers you a free demo with your dog so you can see first hand the benefits of a well trained dog.


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