San Jose Dog Training A Morkie To “Give”

In this short dog training video I am showing the first stages of how I as a San Jose dog trainer would get this little morkie to give me the object, rather than taking the object. If I take any object then I am using some kind of force.

It doesn’t matter what the dog has in it’s mouth. If you go to grab it you may get a big surprise. By grabbing what the dog has you are teaching the dog the value of ¬†aggression. If you show the dog that YOU want it, then the dog wants it even more. Now there is competition over the object. Here is how the San Jose dog trainer pros do it.

Start by putting your puppy or dog on a training line or a dog leash so it cannot run away the next time it grabs something with it’s mouth. When the dog puts ANYTHING it it’s mouth, a toy, stick or a sock, anything, grab the leash, not the dog. Now with the leash in your hand keep a calm demeanor and grab a small piece of hot dog or cheese from your bait bag treat you are wearing around your waist. If your dog is out of the crate your bait bag is automatically on. Now hold the leash about 1 foot from the collar. Show your dog the piece of cheese. Give the command “out” one time. Now just wait. Be patient. It doesn’t matter if it takes 2 minutes don’t force or push or try to trick the dog. Hold the cheese in your hand so the dog can plainly see it. When the dog spits the object out use your verbal marker and give the dog the cheese. Now grab the object. When the dog is done with the cheese give your dog the object back, assuming it’s not toxic or dangerous. Repeat the steps as in the video. Put the emphasis on giving the object not taking it.

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