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The Rain Stopped My Potty Training

Yes it will. Stop it already. For all your dog knows it rains everyday. What about parts of the world where it rains for weeks? Do you think the dog waits for days and days? If you have a potty training student and it is raining make sure YOU are ready to stand with your dog in the rain. If you don’t go with your dog what do you think it will do? It will go out and not go potty in an attempt for you to bring the dog back in. Then guess what? Your dog will go potty, on your carpet. If this happens never scold your dog. Never rub your dogs nose in anything. You messed up, not the dog. Go out with your dog, encourage your dog to do it’s business. Put the dog on a leash if you have to and take it to it’s potty spot. Get your warm jacket, your rubber shoes, gloves and hat and patience. If she still won’t go, no problem, bring her back in and immidatly put her in her crate, not in a scolding way, in a patient way. After a few minutes try again. This time walk her around this may help. Remember to bring your food rewards. If she still refuses to go, put her back in her crate again. THE WORLD STOPS UNTIL YOUR DOG GOES POTTY OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN.

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Eventually your dog will go potty. I promise. It is likely that she will go potty a little bit just to get the whole thing over with. Watch for this. Don’t be fooled by this people. Remember we won’t be happy till she goes pee and poop. If she only goes a little bit put her back into her crate. This is not ¬†punishment, rather management. Keep at it and eventually your dog will do all her business in the rain, on a plane, even in the south of Spain! You get the idea.

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