About Ashley Starling

Dog Obedience Trainer in San Francisco, CA

My name is Ashley Starling and for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by dogs and their relationship to humans. I am a professional dog trainer as well as a student. I am an athlete, artist and a seeker of the true dog knowledge. My goal is to keep gaining expertise and bring it to you so you can create more happy in your life through your best furry friend. My goal is to spread peace through dog training.


I have other interests besides training dogs that I would love to share with you. First up, I live in a 22′ 1969 Ford school bus. If you like school buses, tiny houses, simple living or van living then you can connect with me on twitter @longboardlifer

Puppy Training in San Jose, San Francisco & Santa Clara, CA

Living in this bus allows me to bring the puppy training expertise to you! Want to know more about the dog training techniques that I use? Contact me today to set up a consultation.

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