Murphy Learns To Sit And Stay

How To Teach A Labrador Puppy To Sit And Stay, And Stay, And Stay….

So here we are, Murphy and I working on the long sit. Otherwise known as the Sit/Stay. I never say “Stay” however. It is a waste of time. As you can see the dog is sitting longer and longer and I am able to get further and further away every time we practice this. We do this about three times a day and we spend about two to five minutes each training session. You want to make your sessions short, fun and you want to make them succesfull. Surely and gradually you will get further and further away from your dog and it will sit longer and sit through bigger distractions as time goes by and as your puppy turns into a dog. If Murphy and I continue this, and we will, it is highly unlikely that Murphy will ever get up out of a sit. As the dog gets older and more mature we will add ever increasing levels of distraction.

As you watch me do this you will see that I never really turn my back on the dog. That is so we can stay connected. If I turn my back the dog will perceive me as leaving and it is programmed to follow me. So if I walk backward I am just moving. My goal is to desensitize the dog to my movements so I can walk all over the place and the dog won’t move out of a sit.

If you keep up with Murphy and me you will watch us do the same thing with the “Down” and the “Stand” or otherwise known in the hunting world as the “Whoa”

The owners of this labrador retriever have hired me to train their dog for basic dog obedience and we are going to get this puppy started on some wing work to start a solid retrieve for duck hunting.

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