Introduction To A Pinch Collar

Hello everyone! This short little dog training article is some advice on how to introduce your dog or puppy to a pinch collar or a prong collar. As with most things dog training related I take the long slow view. I would consider this step 1 of say 10 steps.

First I would wait till your dog is about 8 months to introduce the pinch collar. Until then I would stick to food and toys to motivate your puppy. If your dog is a super leash puller you could try a harness so it doesn’t damage it’s larynx. In this dog training video we are getting this 8 month old puppy started on the pinch collar. You will notice we are taking a few precautions so the dog doesn’t get hurt or feels uncomfortable.

We start the dog out with comfort tips attached to the pinch collar. Comfort tips are little rubber tips that go over the prongs and reduce their sensation. I also have another leash and flat collar on the dog in case the dog gets over stimulated by something. By having two collars and two leashes I can switch back and forth as neccassry.

Pinch collar with comfort tips

Pinch collar with comfort tips

The object here is not to force the dog to comply, rather you are teaching it how to cooperate with the collar. You would rather spend 80 percent of your time teaching the dog the benefits of staying close,by use of food and toys encouraging it to stay close rather than discouraging it to leave by use of the collar.

If your dog starts to get squirrely then switch back to the flat collar or the harness.






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