Introducing FREE Dog Sitting At Two Local Farmers Markets

My new dog kennel

My new dog kennel for the Sunnyvale and Campbell farmers markets













What you are looking at above is my new awesome dog kennel that I got for the Sunnyvale and Campbell farmers market. At the farmers market we love to see your dogs however those pesky people at the health department aren’t so thrilled. So we got together and came up with a great compromise. Bring your social dog to the Campbell or Sunnyvale farmers market but leave your little buddy in the brand new state of the art dog kennel. Best of all this service is FREE to the dog owner! Did I mention it was free?

We will provide shade and plenty of fresh water and a Canine Tutors certified dog attendant to watch over your little buddy. If you have a  really small dog we will have a separate space for him or her.

Do you love your local farmers market and all your vendors who work so hard to bring you all those fresh fruits and veggies every week? Well then hook them up and show them some love by leaving your dog with the pro’s at the free dog sitting kennel.

The Sunnyvale farmers market is open year ’round on Saturdays from 9am to 1 pm in the historic Murphy section of old downtown.

Historic Murphy Station

Historic Murphy Station














Coming Soon To A Kennel Near You…     

K9 Kennel Raised Flooring System

We at Canine Tutors Dog Training are excited to announce that starting in late spring of 2016 our kennels will be equipped with the K9 Kennel Raised Flooring System. This system is great for multiple dogs in a kennel. Since it is raised if a dog urinates in the kennel the liquid will run right through the flooring to the ground below. That means your dog will not be lying in another dog’s urine.

Having the flooring sit 1″ above the ground provides for better air circulation thus keeping your dog cooler and more comfortable than lying on the hot asphalt.


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