How To Teach Your Dog Or Puppy To Lie Down

In this video we are working our five month old Labrador puppy on the down command. What I would have you notice is that we are working off leash and we are working from a distance and the dog is very happy. Today’s dog training session is a little more free form and not so structured as it has been in the past. Really all I’m doing is walking her around the yard and telling her to lie down on whatever I point to. This is a great way to allow a bit of distraction into your training routine. I would only do it for a few minutes however because the dog is still very young. We are doing pretty good for five months old. If we keep this up she will be rock solid at about 10 months of age.

We have a lot more training yet to do but we have laid a great foundation to build from. We have created a bond built from trust and not from over compulsion and fear. Now we keep going through the daily routine and as the puppy gets a bit older and more mature we will add distraction, distance and duration, the three D’s of dog training. As the dog gets older many of the daily distractions will have less effect on the dog as she learns that they mean nothing. This is a matter of time and daily repetitions.

Here is the formula I would suggest if you want to be successful with your dog or puppy. You have to take the dog through ten thousand repetitions. That means any behavior must be repeated 30 times per day, everyday for one month. That will give you one 1,000 reps. Do that for 10 months and that will give you 10,000 reps and you will be successful.


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