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Lots of us have big dogs. Some of us have big dogs that won’t jump in the car. I have seen people lift up their 80 lb dogs and put them in the car. That might be tricky if you have a sore back or are elderly.

There are two main reasons why most dogs won’t jump into a car. 1. They perceive there isn’t enough room for landing. They think they will run into something that you might have in your car. So clear out the area completely. If you have seats that fold down then lower them so your dog has plenty of space. Dogs don’t see depth the same way we do so their perception is a bit different.

2. Their timing isn’t down. Keep in mind that when we teach dogs to jump over jumps competitively we start with the jump 2′ above the ground. As the dog gains confidence and gets it’s footwork down we can slowly raise the jump height. Same as a human. If your dog is fat and out of shape that will be a factor if you see reluctance. If that is the case drop that weight or it will cost you 1,000’s of dollars. The average American dog owner spends $500.00 too much every year on dog food. Keeps those thin.

In the video above you can see me really leading the dog to the car. I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer. I use a lot of enthusiasm with both my body and verbally.

Another thing I did that I didn’t video was to put a step stool down then she just stepped on that then stepped right into the car. That actually worked out better. I felt she might be a little uncomfortable jumping into the car, The step stool was better. As always, remember to have fun training your dog!

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