How To Crate Train Your Older Puppy

How To Crate Train Your Older Puppy

This dog is a six month old female Golden Retriever doing some day training with us here at Canine Tutors. This is the first time we have introduced the crate to her and as you can see in the dog training video she is highly food motivated.

Notice how I have the crate and the dog aligned. The door to the crate is open and it is behind me so the dog cannot accidently slam the door shut. When the dog walks out of the crate you will see me re-align the dog so the crate is only six inches away, easily within eyesight.

I am going to use food to motivate and encourage her to go into the dog crate. You can see I am dropping the food into the crate through the bars. You can see she is a bit hesitant to go all the way into the crate but within just a few minutes she will walk all the way in. I want her to be confident that when she walks into the crate she won’t hear the door slam shut behind her. If we do that it would be hard to get her back in there.

As the puppy video progresses you can she just walks in there with more confidence. Walking all the way in is a learning transition. At about this time I will stop putting food in the crate and start to reward when she walks in and present the food when she turns to face me while still in the crate. At this point she can freely walk in and out of the crate. I still don’t shut the door at this point.

The reason I want her to like the crate is that as time goes on I am going to use the dog crate to teach her how to lay down, how to sit and a host of other dog training behaviors. I will also use the crate to manage an untrained puppy.

The second learning transition that you can see is the dog starts to stay in the crate and not rush out. So now what I am going to teach  her is that the longer she is in the crate, the more she gets paid. I would like yo to notice how in the beginning she really mugs my hands for the food then within a few minutes she stops. When that happens she is learning that her behavior gets her paid, not the guy holding the food.

Lastly, at the end of the puppy training video you can see that she comes halfway out of the crate, realizes that the money comes from her being in the crate and demonstrates another learning transition as she backs up in reverse to back into the crate. That was so good we had to stop right there for that training moment.

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