Q. We are getting a new puppy. What is the best way to introduce it to our older dog?

Dear Canine Tutors, In 2 weeks we are getting a 8 week old golden retriever. What is the best way to introduce the pup to our older dog?

A. First think management. Baby gates, crates and x pens. You need easy ways to control and manage the new pup. I wouldn’t force the new pup on the older dog. Slowly, over time introduce the two little by little with total supervision the whole time. Never leave the pup with the older dog unsupervised. 

Q. My puppy loses focus when we are in new environments. When we are at my house he is nearly perfect. What do I do?

Ashley, I have a 6 month old border collie that is nearly perfect (for me) when we are at my house, but the moment we go to a new place he loses focus and starts to put his nose in the grass, look around. It’s only when we have been at the new location for a bit that he remembers that I am even there. What do I do?

A. It’s pretty normal to have good obedience at your house where you can control the environment to a fair degree. Remember, you have a puppy. If this were my dog I would just focus on engagement. Bring food, place board, your bait bag, toys and just focus on getting your dogs attention. That is where it all starts. Make the new place fun and add small amounts of obedience based on what the dog can give. If you are consistent with this behavior you will create a kind of a hot spot with this new location and your dog will look forward to training in new locations. I do a lot of puppy training in San Jose but I always make sure not to go to areas where the dog may get over stimulated.

We offer puppy training classes in San Jose and in Paso Robles and everywhere in between. We will train your Arroyo Grande Puppy as well. Come back here soon for more information as well as puppy training videos. Thanks!


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