Q. I took my dog to puppy kindergarten classes at petco and they stressed the “emergency down” from a distance. Any tips on how to do this?

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Why Your Dog Jumps On You And How To Stop It

Stop your dog from jumping on you today

Here is why your dog jumps on you. It’s rewarding ($5.00) and it thinks you want it to. Why? Because in the dog world dogs casually get their faces close together and sometimes jump all over each other. So why do you think your dog should look at us any differently? Every time your dog even touches you it gets a self-reward. What we have to do is at the same time decrease the reward for jumping on us and increase the reward for 4 on the floor ($50.00)

Until your dog has this down keep your dog on a training line whenever he is interacting with people and keep that line in your hand.

Now dogs are quick. They are just waiting for you to slip. Look the other way just long enough to plant their paws on moms new Christmas sweater. What most people inadvertently teach their dogs is to be quick about jumping up.

Try this. With the training line in your hand and the other end on your dogs collar ask your dog to jump on you and in the beginning only you. You have to control the environment. If you don’t you will never catch your dog in the act. I always tell people to maintain control, not regain control. Get very excited about asking your dog to jump up. Once you see those front paws even start to lift off give your dog a leash correction. Now don’t nag at your dog. The correction has to be in line with the offence, so don’t take his head off either. No yelling, no mean face. Just a leash correction with an unemotional “Off”.

The better your timing  the faster your dog will learn. That’s why dog training is a sport. Timing and coordination. When you ask your dog to jump up and he doesn’t, mark that (article on marker training coming soon) and reward with $50.00 food reward. Do not reward for the correction. In other words, don’t reward after your dog has jumped and you issued the leash correction. The dog just gets nothing except a chance to try again for a food reward.

Do that until you’re sick of it. Do it every day, all day until your dog will absolutely not take the bait.

Ok, now your dog knows not to jump on you. But he is sure everyone else on this planet is just waiting for some jump-up love! Now take person number 2 and go through all the steps over again. Leash in hand, ask for the jump, paws lift off, correction by you. Do not reward for the correction.

As far as we understand right now dogs are specific thinkers. So that’s why your dog will learn not to jump on you, but still jump on all others. Once you go through the whole routine with about 5 people your dog will start to understand not to jump on anybody. The key is to never let up. If you slip and get careless you can welcome yourself back to square 1.

Lastly, you must go through all the steps yet again when you sit down in a chair or on the sofa. In your dog’s mind you are obviously crouching down to receive some love.

The biggest reason dogs never learn anything with any kind of consistency is not enough repetitions. Ever play sports in high school or college? How many repetitions did your coach say it takes before the movement becomes muscle memory? Bart Bellon says “thousands”

Peace out everybody! You got questions on dog training? Give me a call anytime, 805-400-8309. Ashley Starling, America’s Dog Trainer



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