Behavior Problems

Q&A. Behavior Problems And Dog Parks

My beautiful 4 year old standard poodle was recently attacked by a dog at the dog park. Until then she was super friendly with dogs and now she lunges and pulls on the leash like she is going to kill them. People tell me that I shouldn’t own a “vicious” animal. I can’t believe it. Last month she was super happy, now this. Can I fix this?

I’m really sorry that happened. Tragically that happens all the time and when you find out it’s usually too late. When a dog gets into a dog fight or even gets bullied by other dogs it can become fearful of other dogs and that fear can turn into aggression as a way to keep to keep itself safe.  Whether or not this can be reversed is unknown. I am not a fan of dog parks.  There is no way of knowing who is in there, if the dogs are vaccinated or social. If this were my dog I would start an obedience program where the other participants were educated dog handlers. Your dog needs to know that when she follows your commands that she will always be safe, even around other dogs. Once she sees that her new aggressive behavior does nothing for her, she may stop. She must re-learn in a controlled environment that promises success.


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