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In the picture below you can see my dog Sadie jumping through the split in the tree to get her tennis ball. I love a dog that has high ball drive. This picture was taken about 6 years ago.  This is great dog behavior. To find out more about training classes, contact us today!

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puppy training in san jose

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Make your dog training life easy on your self. This table is a great way to teach your dog the “down” Puppy obedience classes in San Jose should be easy and fun. By elevating the dog or puppy you will get it to slow down. This way the dog cannot get it’s nose to the ground. You have to get the dog to look at you in order to train it.

The Palo Alto VA invited this bay area dog trainer to view their facilities

Ashley Starling trains dogs in San Jose,Ca. On this day he went to the Veterans hospital to visit their service dog training facility.

In the picture above is your truly. I got to go to the Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto, Ca. This is where veterans train service dogs for vets. I was interested since I am a vet of the USN.

Small dog training with aussie doodle in san jose

This dog belongs to my client. We are san jose dog trainers.

Look at that dog. That is a cute dog. This is the kind of dog you want to take everywhere you go. This little dog is happiness on four legs. There are a lot of fun places to take your dog if you live in the bay area.


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