1 On 1 Training


Here is why you want to train your dog with Canine Tutors Dog Training. When we say your dog is going to learn a behavior we guarantee it. No Excuses!

Your dog will:

Come when called, every time you call, NO MATTER WHAT!


Lay Down

No Door Dashing (that gets dogs killed)

No Counter Surfing

No Jumping On Family/Guests

Loose Leash Walking

No Freaking Out On Other Dogs While Going For A Walk


Canine Tutors and their professional dog trainers offer one-on-one guidance that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. If you GET YOUR DOG TO PAY ATTENTION (1)have an irregular schedule or a dog that needs extra attention, Private Dog Training might be just right.

  • Training at locations that are convenient for you
  • Perfect for dogs with specific needs
  • Fits your schedule

Specifically tailored to dogs with busy households, our 1 on 1 course gives your pet a solid foundation of basic behaviors. Untrained adolescent and adult dogs can become easily distracted by their environment, which is why it’s important to work on coming when called, leash-pulling, and impulse-control exercises like “wait,” “lay down” and “sit.”

Canine Tutors dog trainers are patient and skilled, helping manage untrained dogs throughout the basic dog training course. You’ll see great results, and the frequent rewards you provide your dog during each stage of training will make her more attentive to you.

About the Course

  • An introduction to simple cues, such as
  • Work on problem solving
  • Learn basic house manners
  • Practice loose-leash walking
  • Course length: Determinate upon your goals


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