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In the above dog training video you can see we are working a pitbull puppy on some basic dog obedience skills. What we are doing that is a bit different is we are doing the puppy training repetitions very quickly. We use fast repetitive drills.

By using our placeboards or touch pads we can train a young dog from a distance and still keep a great deal of engagement. By doing this we can branch out into all kinds of cool training behaviors. We can start a sit in motion, sit from a distance and recall just to name a few.

People often ask me how many repetitions does it take before my dog will be reliable. The general rule is 10,000. That amounts to 30 repetitions per behavior per day, everyday for 10 months. You also have to work in your three D’s :Distance, Duration and Distraction. Each of those dog training concepts are managed separately. As time goes by we will add more place boards and space them out more and more, then as the dog matures we can add more distractions and so on.

Dog training is no different than plumbing. If you are going to do a job you will need the right tool for the job. With this young dog we are teaching basic obedience so we use the boxes. I could have just had the dog sit on the ground but then they just start sniffing around and mentally check out and you are left raising your voice or putting unfair pressure on the puppy.

Canine Tutors Dog Training can help you achieve your pet dog training goals. We offer puppy training classes as well as adult dog training in San Jose,Ca.


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