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In the dog training video above you can see my San Jose dog training client has their yorkie on the front lawn. About once or twice a week the neighbors across the street get visited by some deer. The yorkie loses his mind and wants to run across the street and go get his clock cleaned by the deer, young bucks actually. So if the on-coming car doesn’t ruin the dog’s day I’m pretty sure a set of antlers will. My clients are in their 70’s and will not be chasing after the dog–very fast anyway.

Here is where the dog training came into place. We had been practicing the “recall” for 2 weeks. That is where the dog comes when you call it. Now let’s be fair here. A yorkie isn’t a labrador or a golden retriever. They aren’t known for being dog obedience champions, however I have always said, and I still maintain that ANY dog can learn basic dog obedience. So this is where we got to see if our dog training was in vain. I just happened to have my phone out when the deer paid us a visit.

Once the owner saw that the dog had seen the deer he told his dog to come back. The dog did just that. In fact the dog ran back into the house. You can see the other dog training videos of us practicing this very same thing on this website. The recall, or having your dog come when called is THE most important dog training command there is. Every dog needs to have this down cold. As we say here at Canine Tutors Dog Training, “Talk Is Cheap” get your FREE demo with your dog today!

For dogs of this size I like the dogtra iq plus. It has a small output of power and is made for small dogs.

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