Your Dog Needs More Exercise, Dog Care

This two part dog care article is going to give you some suggestions on how to give your dog better care through exercise.

Just like us, your dog needs exercise and most dogs, certainly most bigger dogs don’t get enough of it. Most dogs in America are overweight and unhealthy. This can lead to a shorter life span for your dog as well as unnecessary vet visits and vet costs. Most Americans spend $500.00 extra per year just on over feeding their dog.

My personal favorite dog exercising tool is the bicycle, although not for dogs or puppies that are still growing and not for dogs that have bone, hip or joint problems.  I love to ride my beach cruiser with my girl dog running right next to me. She gets all excited when I get out the bike. If you are just starting out, start slow. This is for both you and the dog. If your dog has been sedentary for a while get it warmed up for a few weeks. You know don’t just start out all haul-ass. I would go for a fast walk pace and bring some water and a collapsable bowl with you. Remember start out real slow.



That's not what i meant

That’s not what I meant

This is a great attachment for the bike and a dog

This is a great attachment for the bike and a dog



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