Dog Aggression

The Different Types Of Dog Aggression

Frustration and Prey Aggression

This is the most common type of aggression that the pet dog handler encounters. It usually manifests as you are walking down the street with your dog on leash and it sees another dog , wants to go check it out, you don’t let it and the desire increases and so does the frustration due to the leash. Your dog or both dogs start to pull harder toward each other. Soon the frustratin gets vocal and it turns to anger and since it is looking at another dog, your dog directs that anger toward that dog.

You also see this when your dog sits at the living room window and sees something like a passer by, a dog, a kid on a bike. This is what we call Prey Drive. Your dog wants to chase something and can’t get to it, that frustration builds and builds and it can turn into aggression.

Redirected Aggression

As the above dog’s frustration turns into aggression it may redirect to another dog or it’s handler. This is seen when you have two dogs running the fence on the same side and another dog on the opposite side. Soon one of the two dogs will lash out at the other.

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