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Daily Dog Training Tip, What Your Puppy Wants, San Jose Puppy Training

Daily Dog Training Tip, What Your Puppy Wants, San Jose Puppy Training 

If you were to boil dog training down to it’s most basic concept it would be this. Dogs want to know two things. How to avoid discomfort and how to get as comfortable as possible as fast as possible. Your job is to show them just that as clear and as conciese as you can. If you can show them this with no confusion you are on your way to creating a winning team.

san jose puppy training

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Dog!

When you see my San Jose puppy training videos you will see that I almost always use tools to help me elicit the behavior. That is the key. Get the dog or puppy to give you the behavior that you are looking for willingly. Another piece of the puzzle is the amount of repetitions. Most dog owners don’t do nearly enough repetitions. How many do you need? You need 10,000 reps of every behavior that you want done reliability. That means 30 reps per day of every behavior that you want. Do this daily for 1 month = 1,000 reps. Do this for 10 months and now you hit your mark of 10,000 reps.

Lastly, for most casual dog owners the environment will play as big a roll, or bigger a roll in training the dog. Here is an example. You take your dog to the dog park. You allow your dog access to a doggie door. You don’t supervise your dog on bathroom breaks. You allow strangers to feed/pet your dog just to name a few. Don’t allow your dog access to social situations that are over it’s head. Go slow and gradual.

If you are looking for puppy training in San Jose feel free to give us a call at 408-455-1503

Watch My Labrador Fetch Her Breakfast Bowl, Sunnyvale, CA.

Watch My Labrador Fetch Her Breakfast Bowl, Sunnyvale,CA

Fetch is a great trick to teach your dog, it’s fun and it can be practical as well. Like in this dog training video where I ask my labrador retriever to fetch her dog bowl because I am too lazy to walk down the 4 steps of my school bus to go get her food bowl. Luckily when it comes to food my dog can be a little bit more ambitious than me.

If you are a pet dog owner like most of my clients at some point training behaviors like “sit” and “down” can get a bit boring. These dogs don’t have to be as precise as if they were competition dogs. So to keep the motivation going try training dog tricks. One of the most complicated is the “fetch” or the “motivated retrieve” This is where you tell your dog where to go, once there it picks a specific pre-determined object and puts it into it’s mouth, the completes the rest of the task with the object still in it’s mouth, then releases it on command.

teach your dog to fetch

Sadie doing tricks for the audience







I would suggest trying to teach your dog lot’s of tricks. They can usually be accomplished in large or small spaces, indoor or out. This is perfect if it rains where you are. A great place to learn the steps or to get ideas is of course youtube. I learned a ton of stuff there.

Here are some basic starter tricks

  • Roll over
  • Spin
  • Speak
  • Shake/ High Five

That should get you started. Good luck and keep it fun!

If you have questions regarding your dog feel free to call me and ask. 408-455-1503


Little Dog Behavior Problems, Canine Tutors Dog Training

I see a lot of dogs on a daily basis, big ones and small ones. What sticks out in my mind are the small unruly dogs with behavior problems. Now I know that because of the breed type a lot of smaller dogs are going to bark a bit more. Ok, we all pick and choose what we can tolerate. Hey they make great watch dogs. But… no small dog owner should tolerate other behavior that could put the dog’s life in jeopardy when a bit of basic dog training will greatly enhance the general welfare of the dog.

First on my list, Recall. I don’t care what kind of dog I may have. I will never tolerate a dog that runs off. It’s really great when your dog comes when you call, but what’s even better is a dog that stays by your side until you release that dog. Then when you give it some fun freedom it comes back when you call the first time, every time. When you have this, you automatically have a dog that goes more places and has more fun.

Second on my list for dogs big or small is loose leash walking. If it is uncomfortable to take your dog for a walk because it pulls you every where, then that is a dog that will spend too much time inside the house. I want my dog to get out and burn off some steam. Most dogs don’t get nearly enough exercise and that is one of the root causes of behavior problems. That walk you take your dog once a day is like me doing A push up. Most dogs are built to do arduous tasks; tasks that we can not or will not do for ourselves. In fact most dogs are dangerously over weight.

Third on my list. Lay down. If your dog knows to lay down and stay down it can’t do anything wrong. I’m not talking about lay down because you tapped or pointed to the ground with a treat in your hand, I mean you said “down” once and it dropped down and now will not get up until you say. This is all just very basic ¬†dog obedience. When you have a dog that will lay down and not get up you have a dream dog, no matter what dog it is.


How To Get Your Dog To Jump In The Car, Canine Tutors Dog Training

Lots of us have big dogs. Some of us have big dogs that won’t jump in the car. I have seen people lift up their 80 lb dogs and put them in the car. That might be tricky if you have a sore back or are elderly.

There are two main reasons why most dogs won’t jump into a car. 1. They perceive there isn’t enough room for landing. They think they will run into something that you might have in your car. So clear out the area completely. If you have seats that fold down then lower them so your dog has plenty of space. Dogs don’t see depth the same way we do so their perception is a bit different.

2. Their timing isn’t down. Keep in mind that when we teach dogs to jump over jumps competitively we start with the jump 2′ above the ground. As the dog gains confidence and gets it’s footwork down we can slowly raise the jump height. Same as a human. If your dog is fat and out of shape that will be a factor if you see reluctance. If that is the case drop that weight or it will cost you 1,000’s of dollars. The average American dog owner spends $500.00 too much every year on dog food. Keeps those thin.

In the video above you can see me really leading the dog to the car. I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer. I use a lot of enthusiasm with both my body and verbally.

Another thing I did that I didn’t video was to put a step stool down then she just stepped on that then stepped right into the car. That actually worked out better. I felt she might be a little uncomfortable jumping into the car, The step stool was better. As always, remember to have fun training your dog!

San Jose Dog Training, Dog Tricks

Here is why teaching your dog to do tricks is a great idea and why you should do it.

Let’s face it, although necessary just teaching you dog to site or other various basic commands can be a bit boring after a while, for both you and your dog. So I would suggest either move on to more advanced concepts of dog obedience and/or have some fun with dog trick training. The thing I love about training tricks is that it is all positive and I get to give my dog lots of treats so it’s very low stress for all.

When starting out pick something super easy for both you and the dog. My first trick was spin, then shake. My first big trick was roll over. It’s cool because they are all like little puzzles you have to try to figure out. So sometimes you will see your dog responding well and moving forward then other times you dog will look at you like “what”? So then you know you need to try a different route.

Youtube is a great resource for getting tips on teaching your dog how to do dog tricks. They have youtubers who make their living on teaching you how to teach your dog tricks. Best of all it’s free.

As a San Jose dog training professional I can tell you this, when you train for tricks it will make you a better dog trainer because you will learn maybe the most important skill of all, learning how to read your dog. You will come to see very quickly signs of stress, enthusiasm, confusion and the like and this will be super beneficial in other more pragmatic areas of dog training. Also if you get a second dog down the road you will be faster at training the new one.

Dog Training In San Jose, How To Pick A Puppy

puppy classes

Puppy training in san jose. Pick the right san jose puppy trainer

bay area dog training

bay area dog trainer










Getting a new puppy is an amazing feeling. That little ball of joy that brings happiness to the whole family. Well as many of you know that could easily go the other way too. Your success will come down to one main thing. Preparation. You will need this item in both knowledge and supplies. This article will cover the very minimum information you will need to know in order to select the best dog for your family. In other words, don’t put a square peg in a round hole.

Take a look at the two labrador retrievers up top. Each genetically identical to the configuration of a lab, however they look like, and act like to completely different breed of dogs. The dog on the left is lean and long with endless amounts of energy. Built to retrieve anything. If not given the proper exercise and mental stimulation this dog will destroy a lot of your favorite stuff. It will become unruly and unpleasant to work with. That is just a short list of the frustration you will encounter.

The dog on the right is more sedentary. Lower slung to the ground, larger head, more laid back. Way more laid back. Better for a family that would enjoy throwing the ball in the backyard and a nightly walk. This dog won’t bark his head off because it’s bored and want’s you to throw the ball endlessly . This dog will watch the game with you and be happy to have his own pillow.

When you are getting ready to add a dog or puppy to your family size up your energy style and contact the right breeder or rescue agency. Typically breeders make one type of dog for their fan base or customer base. It’s not an accident that the dog on the right looks the way it does.

If you are considering getting a new dog or puppy so you can do some dog training in San Jose give us a call and we can steer you in the right direction.


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