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Why I Don’t Allow People To Pet My Puppy Or Dog

In this dog and puppy training article I will tell you why I don’t allow people to pet my dog or my puppy.

Let me begin by explaining what my relationship is and is not with my dogs.

My dog is just that, my dog. I got my dog so it looks to me for everything. Love, affection, protection, comfort and food. The dog needs to “face me” and engage with me always. I got this dog so that I would be the light in it’s eye, not you. If I allow, or encourage others to pet and play with it, then why should I be special? I want my dog to look at other people like it looks at parked cars, boulders and trees. Things to be seen and not interacted with. If you want a dog that constantly leaves your side and lunges and pulls on the leash to go and “visit” the guy next to you that’s your thing.

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This young German Shepherd Dog is learning how to pay attention to his young handler.

Other People And Your Dog

  • My group class students don’t play with other student’s dogs
  • I never leave my dog alone when we are away from the house
  • I don’t allow other dogs to “say hello” to my dog

When I am training my dog or puppy often people will come up and want to pet my dog. I politely tell people “maybe later” they usually get the idea.

To Be Continued…

Stay Focused, San Jose Puppy Training, Canine Tutors Dog Training

Stay Focused, San Jose Puppy Training, Canine Tutors Dog Training 

Hello, My name is Ashley Starling and if you are looking for San Jose puppy training then please watch this dog training video.

Dogs learn by doing. Whatever you allow, encourage them to do they will repeat, especially if they get any kind of reward from the behavior. If you as the trainer and the creator of the environment only allow for success then your dog will learn quickly and with great enthusiasm.

In this puppy training video I am showing my 6 month old border collie puppy how to sit properly. I don’t want to “teach” him how to lie down or to stand up during a sit. So I get out the place board and his favorite toy for the moment. I hold the toy where his head will naturally and willingly look upward to me. This creates engagement with the handler and with the dog’s head in an upward position this helps facilitate keeping him in a sit. Notice in the video how I have my hand placed on the dog’s leash. It’s not just anyplace. At some points it’s just and in away from the collar on the dogs neck. If my dog starts to raise his rear end I will put gentle pressure on the collar to reinforce that we are still sitting.

My dog knows when we are done because I use the same release word every single time. He knows even as a young 6 month old puppy to wait for it. Bart Bellon uses a strong “whoosh” noise that the dog only hears when the job is done right.

If you are doing dog training or puppy training in San Jose give us a call and we will set up an appointment for a free no obligation evaluation. Happy training!


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