Canine Tutors, San Jose Dog Training A Labrador Puppy

Canine Tutors, San Jose Dog Training A Labrador Puppy

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Ashley Starling with Canine Tutors Dog Training and today we are working this young puppy on some basics, we are getting him up on the placeboard and teaching him the difference between “sit” and “down”. If you have watched my previous videos you will see how I’ve been working with this same young dog and I was using a lot of body english to get him to lay down and to get him to sit and now he is working mostly off of just voice commands. That is what I call a learning transition. All this takes is consistancy and patience along with a clear message when communicating with your dog.

If you train the way I do and you have a dog that’s about the same age then you are probabily at about the same level, or maybe even a bit further or just a bit behind, but you’re probably right in the ball park. This is a nice easy, non-stressful way to train your dog and it produces reliable, repeatable and consistant performance even around the most severe distractions.

I go through the behaviors at 10-20 repetitions at a time ending my day with 30 repetitions per behaviors per day. If you watch closely you might catch a few mistakes but that is bound to happen. You and your dog will recover. I leave the bloopers in there so you won’t feel like you are falling behind.

One thing to remember when you are working your dog is that the dog is going to follow the food so that’s why in this video you can see I’m down at mouth level because we are working on the “down” I’m going to make it easy for him to follow the food. This will encourage him to stay laying down.

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