Introducing Scent Work To Your Dog

Introducing a new  dog sport that you can do with any dog regardless of breed. If your dog has 4 legs and a nose you and your furry friend have a fun new sport. Scent Work is a fun sport where your household pet can be trained to search out legal odors.

scent work nose work.

We can fit any odor in this tube.


Your dog can do this regardless of  age or prior training experience, and it won’t mess up any other training program you may be working on.

Training nosework is like training for tricks and stunts where there are no corrections and the whole thing is positive in nature so no matter what your dogs tempermeant is you can have fun and advance.

If you have an interest in working military or police dogs for explosives or narcotics this is a way you can get your feet wet with whatever kind of dog you have right now as the training principals are exactly the same. So instead of the working dog looking for dope your dog can look for Anice, Birch and Cloves.

In the pictures above and below you can see the 10′ x 1″ pvc tubes that will be cut up into 6″ sections to hold things like law enforcement approved narcotics and other scents. We will drill holes in the tubes to allow odor to escape. I have hundreds of these tubes and we can put anything in them, dope, explosive accelerants, cancer cells or feces droppings. The possibilities are endless.

These tubes will be cut into 6" sections.

These tubes will be cut into 6″ sections.



Check back often as we will be posting more pictures and vids on the site here as well as facebook and instagram. If you are interested in this give me a call at 408-455-1503. I am starting out at mid level on this new endevour so we can learn together.

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