Basic Obedience From The Beginning With A Puppy



Teaching A Puppy Basic Obedience From The Beginning

Today we are working basic obedience with this  six month old Golden Retriever puppy. You are seeing the first ever attempt at teaching this dog to lay down. You will notice that I do this a little differently than some other dog trainers you might have seen. I like this method because it helps keep the dogs fore legs steady throughout all the movements of the Sit, Down and Stand. It looks better and it’s more efficient. This way the dogs hips are tucked up undernieth when it lays down.

You can see this dog is really highly food motivated. She is right on the food hand.

The dog training video shows us working a drill where we do the behavior over and over. The magic number is 10,000 repetitions. 1,000 reps a month for 10 months. That’s 10,000 repetitions of every behavior you wish to teach. 

At 1:17 in the puppy training video I place my hand on the dogs back to help it stay down as I quickly move my food hand away from the dogs face and immediately return it. The lesson is the food will go away, and it will return. Over time the intervals will increase and the dog will learn to be steady and patient.

At 2:18 in the dog video I stand up and start to move around a tiny bit. This is another level of distraction. We are teaching the dog that I will eventually move around all over the place but you stay right there as I will be right back. We are desensithinsisng the dog to our movements. I start by just moving my feet around just a bit. the whole time still paying the dog with tiny pieces of hot dog.

Distractions can be measured in levels 1-10. Start at level 1 and every month as you get your 1,000 repetitions in you can level up another distraction level.

Not every bay area dog owner has the time for total complete basic obedience dog training and some of my clients’ time would be better spent working rather than training. That’s why we have introduced Day Training for your dog. We will pick up your dog and bring it to our 5,000 sq ft. location, train it, get the reps in and drop the dog off back to you.

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