7 Tips To A Skinny Dog, Part 1

Fat dogs aren’t “loved” or cute. They will die faster and cost you thousands at the Vet and grocery. 

A few Sunday’s ago I was tending my free dog sitting booth at the Campbell’s farmers market when this man brought his dog for me to watch while he shopped for healthy food. The dog practacely rolled into my holding area. The dog was out of breath and they only walked a few feet from their car. Then I read an article in the New York Times about the emergence of high dollar fat camps for dogs.

Dog Fat Camp Article Here

Why do people think fat dogs are funny or cute?

According to the Association for pet obesity prevention over half the dogs in this country are overweight. You may think it’s cute to see your dog pittifully begging for table scraps getting fatter and fatter everyday, but are you going to think it’s funny when you have to shell out $2,500 for a new elbow? Oh and the vet usually suggest that you get them both done at the same time, $5,000, ouch!

Does this collar make my butt look fat?

Does this collar make my butt look fat?







The New York Times article goes on to say that overweight dogs are more likely to get Diabetes, Arthritis, high boold pressure, kidney and respiratory diseases.

You can reduce the calorie intake but exercise is needed as well to win the battle of the bulge. That is why I am a big fan of tred mills and exercising along side of a bicycle. Just please make sure you start out at a fast walk and work your dog safely. Here is my article on how to exercise your dog. 

Dog fat camps and personal trainers for dogs are a new tool to battle k9 calories. You will be looking at about $30 to $100 per session for your dog to hit the tred mill or some laps at the dog pool. You can also try some low cal dog food, although I wouldn’t waste your money on special food. The blame goes to you. Your dog eats what you give it and burns off the calories you allow. You must exercise the dog daily and I’m not talking about a walk. Taking your dog for a 30 min walk is like saying I did a pushup today.


Are we out of ice cream?

Are we out of ice cream?










Part 2 tomorrow

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