7 Tips To A Skinny Dog Part 2/3

Here We Go!!

Get that dog moving.

Dog exercise

The Fat Killer!!








This the dog trotter. It is one of the best dog treadmills on the market. You should ask your dog trainer if he or she has one. The trotter, or other high end dog treadmills have a three point harness to keep your dog steady. The wheels have adjustable speeds that you hand tighten to increase or decrease resistance depending on your dog. Your dog doesn’t have to go on a full out sprint. No, just a little walk or a slight jog. In fact in the beginning I would suggest just a walk. The really cool feature about this is that once on the treadmill the wheels start to roll automatically. It is designed so that your dog’s toes will not get pinched.

Meet The Flirt Pole

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Get that dog moving








The flirt pole is essentially a stick with a tug type toy at the end attached by a rope. So if you have a dog that has a high prey drive, that likes to chase after things and tug things then this is for you guys. Just swing it around for a bit and occasionally let your dog score a hit and you guys are having some fun. This particular model is sturdy enough for this pitbull to grab it and get a good tug.

Super Insane Tug Toy!!

Super Insane Tug Toy

Super Insane Tug Toy












If you have a dog like mine then you have a dog that loves to play tug. Tug is a great game to play with your dog and you can use the tug as a reward for well done behaviors. In other words you can use it as a reward to help train your dog.

With this type of tug you won’t have to worry about sore shoulders any longer.

I like this design a bit better than the spring pole. With a spring pole the tug is hung from a tree and it launches the dog in the air by way of a pretty actively compressed spring.  You can get some crazy big air on the spring pole and it is a kick to watch your dog fly all bad ass through the air but… they can get hurt. On the spring pole your dog can get it’s teeth caught and some people freak out when they see their dog get launched 15′ in the air. The safe alternative (sorry danger lovers) is the super tug.

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