Teaching Your Dog Or Puppy The Long Down

Teaching Your Dog Or Puppy The Long Down

Well It’s Tuesday morning and Murphy and I are back at it. You see he walks himself up the ramp, I’ll ask him to lay down and he plops himself right down. We are using my new dog training table. The long down is exactly what we are working on in this dog training video.

You can see I walk away then return to the dog, walk away then return to the dog repeatedly. My goal is to desensitize the dog to my body movements so we can get longer and longer downs. At 0:31 he sits up but then I ask him to down and he corrects himself nicely so we continue training.

You will notice I never turn away from the dog as I want to keep the connection strong between the dog and myself. As you do this incorporate some different body movements such as crouching down. That is a big trigger for dogs.

Our labrador puppy is doing really good, you can see how all the training has been paying off. He is only 16 weeks old. The training table does help a lot as I walk all around, return pay the dog, crouch down, pay the dog. As the puppy turns into a dog he will stay in his command longer and longer with ever increasing distractions. That is what we do here. We get dogs to learn the 4 or 5 basic dog training commands–SOLID. Later as they get more proficient we can incorporate more. So if you enjoy being able to take your dog everywhere you go, this is how you do it.

Now we have him walk himself down the ramp, jump up on the placeboard and have himself a little seat.

This little labrador retriever puppy is in our day training program. The owner drops the dog off in the morning, I work him all day, then the owner picks him up a few hours later.

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