Teaching Your Puppy To Lay Down

Teaching Your Puppy To Lay Down

In the short puppy training video above you can see that I am teaching this 12 week old labrador retriever the “down”. Many of my dog training clients have very busy work and life schedules so I can do most of the training for them as long as they get the dog to me.

When I teach the down with such a young puppy like this I will start with the dog standing and use the “push” method. That is I hold the food in my hand and kind of gently push the food hand at the dogs nose and down at a slight angle. In order for the dog to get comfortable and get the food it has to push back and lower it’s body. If you keep your hand steady the nose and mouth will stay straight and the dog will down correctly.

Here is why you want to do it this way. Notice the front feet don’t move much if at all. What ever position you put the dog in you want those front feet to stay put. If you start teaching the down with your dog in the Sit position then the dog has no choice but to extend it’s front feet. If you do this enough times the dog will end up moving across the grass little by little as the front feet keep getting extended. By having the front feet stay put means having the dog stay put.

Lastly, by teaching your dog the Down in this fashion you will notice that the dog’s hips are tucked up under the dog as in a “ready” position. The dog is not looking lazy lying on it’s side. It looks like a pro. Alert and ready for quick action. From this proper position your dog can effortlessly raise it’s body to either a Sit or a Stand.

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